Protest The Hero Exclusive - Pacific Myth CD

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When you buy a physical version of Pacific Myth on cd or vinyl, you are automatically entered to win one of 5 "golden tickets" from PTH. The lucky folk who receive these tickets with their order will be granted guest list for life to any and all upcoming pth shows anywhere (you + 1 friendly friend)! You will also be treated to a 100 voucher to our KT8 merch shop AND a signed (or unsigned) set of Pacific Myth art posters. PTH will hand wrap the golden items and sign them (if that's what you're into). All you need to do upon discovering a winning ticket is to contact us with a picture of yourself holding the ticket.

*subscribers, you may rest easy - if you have already purchased a subscriber edition of PM, you are automatically entered**

**offer does not include entries to festivals - these are out of our control

CD Track Listing:
1. Tidal
2. Ragged Tooth
3. Cold Water
4. Cataract
5. Harbinger
6. Caravan