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Spookey Ruben "Mechanical Royalty" EP - LIMITED EDITION

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This E.P. from Spookey Ruben, entitled "Mechanical Royalty" is a super limited (of 200) edition. Each hand-made CDR is autographed and numbered by Spookey himself! Get your personal copy now before they sell out. (40 copies left)

1. Superpoke
2. U Don't Know What You're Missing
3. Eyes Can See
4. Just Another Way
5. Testimony
6. American Processed Cheese
7. Mechanical Royalty
-Agent Steele
- Attack at krankshaft Castle
- And Thus He Rusts (King's Lament)
- The Quirks of Queen of Quartz and Quarks
- Don Silicon
- Secrets in the Motherboard
- Triumph on Magnetic Hill

Written and Produced by Spookey Ruben
Co-produced by Carson Cohen, Gene Hughes, Chris Fudurich & Ed Krautner