Sloan - Hit and Run - Vinyl EP

Sloan - Hit and Run - Vinyl EP

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Sloan's Hit & Run Vinyl EP!
  • The EP is housed in a heavy duty tip-on jacket
  • includes a double sided lyric sheet
  • first 300 copies are pressed on limited edition translucent “centre-of-the-road-dividing-line” yellow (sold out).
  • Pressed at 45 rpm
  • includes an mp3 digital download card

    Back in 2009, we Sloans delivered our first foray into the world of “digital-only” releases with our Hit & Run EP. True, we had some songs here and there that were iTunes-only bonus tracks, or extra songs that were only available on Japanese CDs, but this EP was our first truly intentional and exclusively “ones and zeros” release available for purchase via computer or smart phone. Part of the reason was the excitement of the immediacy (we’d only just finished mixing the recording with our engineer Ryan Haslett, mastered it and released it days later) but it was also a way of attracting attention to our new digital album store that we had set up on our website. An alternate to iTunes, we thought it might be prudent to offer our catalogue via our website in both streaming and downloadable mp3s with accompanying elaborate PDF lyric booklets. The thought was to also continue releasing more exclusive “digital-only” content in the future and drive fans towards our website. We pursued this plan to a degree with a B-Sides collection that followed not too long afterwards. 


    Flash forward to 2018. The age of streaming music has made the mp3 seem like a forgotten format, slowly being relegated to the shelf along side the cassingle or the “Hip Pocket” 45 (perhaps Google that). Thankfully, the vinyl format has enjoyed a gradual renaissance over the past number of years so we thought it would be a good time to give fans a chance to own a tangible version of this release. Hit & Run always seemed a bit left out not having a vinyl release (the Peppermint EP and A Sides Win would also be in that category) as we’ve always issued all our records on the vinyl format since the UK version of Smeared in 1993.


    Titled as a reference to Chris’ bicycle accident in the summer of 2009, Hit & Run originally only contained five songs. On the vinyl we’ve included the sixth song, Andrew’s excellent “Get Out Of Bed”, that floated around at the time as a bonus track. The EP is housed in a heavy duty tip-on jacket, includes a lyric sheet and the first 300 copies are pressed on limited edition translucent “centre-of-the-road-dividing-line” yellow. Pressed at 45 rpm for some deluxe fidelity as well! (…and for those that still enjoy cassingles, “Hip Pocket” records and a digital collection (like me) we’ve continued to include an mp3 digital download card as well so you can party like it’s 2009. Enjoy!)


    Jay F.