HOLY FUCK Music - Holy Fuck 2005

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Track Listing:

01 Tonebank Jungle
02 Korock
03 Korg Rhythm Afro
04 Casio Bossa Nova
05 Tonebank Computer
06 Bontempi Latin
07 K Rhythm Pt. 1
08 K Rhythm Pt. 2

Improvised by Brian Borcherdt, Graham Walsh, Kevin Lynn, Glenn Milchem : Recorded Jan 21st 2005 by Dave Newfeld at Stars and Suns, Toronto ON. Tracks 1, 5 improvised by Brian Borcherdt, Loel Campbell, Mike Bigelow : Recorded Nov 9th 2004 by Laurence Currie at Idea of East, Halifax NS. Mixed by Laurence Currie & Holy Fuck. Mastered by Joao Carvalho. Artwork by James Mejia