BTSM - WTOC Bomber Jacket

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WTOC Bomber Jacket

The official Welcome To Our Church bomber jacket with the WTOC patch embroidered directly on the fabric is here. This high quality and limited edition item is finally available, order yours today! 

The black bomber jacket is emblematic of the BTSM Church Gang, don’t be left hanging without one.

The bomber jacket features a 100% nylon water repellent outer shell, ribbed collar, poly fiberfill lining and reversible orange lining.

Skeleton head

Welcome To Our Church, where the inverted cross is a symbol of humanism and community. If music is our religion in the #BTSMChurch, this design of the skeleton head represents our universality. There is no face underneath the Tiger helmet: you are us and we are you. And we discard no one.

This design is a collaboration with Joshua Hixson.

Size Chart

Chest : 26.75", Sleeve length : 25.5", Back : 32.25"
Chest : 27.5", Sleeve length : 26.5", Back : 33.5"
Chest : 28.25", Sleeve length : 27.25", Back : 35.25"
Chest : 29", Sleeve length : 27.5", Back : 35.75"

Model is 6'1" and wearing a Large